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The summer tour : the Cévennes in July !

mardi 28 juin 2011, par Barry, Hervé

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M.E.B.’s tour season is in full swing. In July, we are inviting you to follow us in the most secretive part of our Cévennes, under the shade of the chestnut trees, and going from valley to causse.

We have got the season off to a good start, and both the Sardinia/Corsica tour and the Champagne tour in the spring were a resounding success for Motards en Balade.

But it is high time to think of new tours and this is why we have devised the Raid des Cévennes , which will take place from 13th to 17th July (the Bastille day bank holiday weekend).

Just as for the Champagne tour, we will be applying the ALL-INCLUSIVE formula, including all meals (drinks included), guided tours and accommodation.

Of course, this tour will take place with a very limited number of people (15 people at most, which is between eight and ten bikes).

Raid des Cévennes tour, from 13th to 17th July

  • The rendezvous point will be on 13th July at 9:30pm in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort (30170), at the “Villa Figaret ???, on the road to Lassalle :
  • The tour will end on Sunday 17th July after breakfast.

In 2011, we will be eschewing our usual habit of taking a well-earned rest throughout the summer holidays and, in July we will be proposing a tour of the Cévennes. This means that we will be following that the average tourist doesn’t know about ! There will be four routes setting out from the same accommodation, and each day we will be covering about 200 km.

Booking is still open : there are eight vacancies left. BOOKINGS CLOSE ON 20th JULY.

On the programme :

Day 1 : The southern Cévennes. We will be riding on roads that have a certain notoriety because of the various races that they host (the Critérium des Cévennes Auto, Tour de France Historique, etc.).

Day 2 : Secretive Lozère : From Saint-Jean-du-Gard, we will enter the Gardon du Mialet Valley and discover the most secret meanders of the Lozère. We will return to base via the Corniche des Cévennes road.

Day 3 : The Upper Cévennes. Mount Aigoual, the Bonheur Valley, the Jonte Gorge. Return to base via the Col du Minier.

Day 4 : From Anduze to Alès there is a marvellous little road, and another that goes from Alès to Florac. Natural roller-coasters…

For more details, send us an email at or by means of the form below.
In the portfolio you will find the inscription form and the MEB programme for the remaining tours of the year.